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CA Nail Lacquer

CA Nail Lacquer

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We created the definitive shades of the season, so no searching is required. Enjoy bold, stunning and timeless tones that will let you enjoy this season with stylish fingertips and toes!

CA Nail Lacquer is high-quality and long-lasting, so you can wear your favorite color all season long. With a glossy shine and chip-resistant finish, you can create a look that will last.


Our Nail lacquers deliver fast-drying and long-lasting results, boasting a composition of over 70% plant-based ingredients. Our product is 21-free, meaning it is suitable for vegans and is not tested on animals. Plus, our polishes are free from the 21 most hazardous toxins found in other nail products, allowing them to last longer, while promoting healthy and beautiful nails. Moreover, this lacquer prevents nails from becoming dry with every coat.

•Best balanced, total performance, brilliant chip-proof nail polish


• Vegan
• Cruelty free 
• Perfectly balanced formula.
• Unique rich binary network of resins: interact together to considerably
extend nail polish longevity and raise shine to a spectacular level
• Patented two-fold plasticizer: develops the film to be more flexible, more resilient and amazingly resistant to chipping
• High solids concentration provides a luxurious coverage

What’s 21 free?


# 21 FREE  (They don't contain 21 of the most harmful toxins often found in other polishes.)

  1. Animal derivative
  2. Toluene
  3. Benzene
  4. Xylene
  5. Formaldehyde releaser
  6. Formaldehyde resin
  7. Phtalates
  8. Cyclic Silicones
  9. Camphor
  10. Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)
  11. Glycol ethers of series E
  12. Hydroquinone (HQ)
  13. 13.Methoxyphenol (MEH)
  14. Triphenyl Phosphate (TPP)
  15. Nonylphenol ethoxylate
  16. Tert-Butyl Hydroperoxyde
  17. Chromium Oxide Greens
  18. Bismuth Oxychloride
  19. Carcinogenic mutagenic reprotoxic (CMR)
  20. Synthetic fragrances
  21. Ethyl tosylamide



Made in the USA.

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