A note from the designer.

Fashion has always been in my life. From a young age, I was thrown into its seams because it was what my mother did to ensure a future for us in a new country after leaving Vietnam. I grew up with fashion as if it were a family member, constant and unrelenting. We ate, slept and lived with heaps of clothing around us. My relationship with fashion has changed through the years as I realized that the garments that were made not only fed us but they clothed us and secured our futures. The clothes that we wear can change how we feel and thus change the way we live in our world. I set out to study and work in fashion so that I can give people the clothes they emotionally and physically need to be the best selves in whatever capacity they are in. My namesake collection is inspired by iconic women of the past and present and designed for the iconic women of present and future. I believe that fashion can be a tool and transformative for the person who wears it. I make clothing for the woman who has a story to tell.

She’s the woman that walks into the room and everyone wonders who she is. Standing tall, strong and graceful, she’s generous with her smile, and there is a connectedness to her gaze. She looks for the meaning in everything she does and does not take for granted the path that she walks. She understands that we all make an imprint on this world the way the world and her past has made an imprint on her. That bold and unforgettable woman.

My relationship to clothing has changed because instead of telling the story of some made-up person, I have tapped into my soul and journey as a woman. I’ve realized that I have a story to tell and I tell it through clothing.

women inside the store