About the designer


Alcalay grew up in New York City with a sewing needle in her hand after immigrating from Vietnam with her family at the age of 3. Designing clothing became her first love as she worked side-by-side with her mother who worked in factories. The lessons she learned and the skills she acquired molded who she is as a designer. “My mother taught me how to sew and with every stitch, I reinforce my vision of beauty.” 

As a young adult with an insatiable appetite for more industry experience,  Alcalay found her footing with seasoned people of her trade while attending The High School of Fashion Industries. 

Starting a the young age of 14,  Alcalay’s continued to nurture her extraordinary desire for fashion and  worked in an undergarment design company with Roslyn Harte.  Simultaneously,  Alcalay spent any spare time she had at a 100 year-old lace company.  Alcalay assisted numerous designers in Seventh Avenue's Garment District and later worked  in Luxury stores on Madison Avenue.

Pursuing her dream,  Alcalay attended Parson's School of Design in NYC and spent a year abroad in Paris  Returning to NYC, Alcalay continued her studies and won the renowned "Parsons’s Golden Thimble" awarded by Michael  Vollbract.

Upon graduation and with the understanding of craft and creativity involved in designing and making clothing in tow,  Alcalay decided to focus on the business aspect of the fashion industry,  her customer.

In 2002,  Alcalay opened her boutique in NYC featuring her eponymous collection of "Made to Measure" clothing.  For the past 10 years, Alcalay expresses her ultra-feminine sensibility through her label's made-to-order coats, dresses, and separates. Using richly textured tweeds and silks, playful draping, and delicate details,  Alcalay designs pieces intended for timelessness.