Collection: Sophie Lou Jacobsen

Collection: Sophie Lou Jacobsen

Sophie Lou Jacobsen - Colored Glassware and Cocktail Glasses

Sophie Lou Jacobsen crafts housewares, lighting, and collectibles that merge poetic design with functionality, aiming to enrich daily rituals and home spaces. Each piece, from the whimsical colored glassware to the innovative lighting solutions, is a testament to Jacobsen's dedication to blending aesthetic beauty with practicality.

Her collections, meticulously hand-blown in New York City, reflect a deep appreciation for the art of glassmaking utilizing borosilicate glass and a commitment to sustainable, locally sourced craftsmanship. This blend of artistry and utility makes Sophie Lou Jacobsen's designs not just objects, but experiences that elevate the mundane to the magical with her unique martini glasses, cocktail glasses, and colored stemware.


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