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hannayoo works

Marshmallow Mini Threaders in White

Marshmallow Mini Threaders in White

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Founded in 2021 by Hanna Yoo, hannayoo works is a collection of wearable objects designed and crafted by hand in Brooklyn, NY. Made of air-dry clay and non-toxic resin, each object has a unique personality based on the sculptural characteristics of the materials used.

The Story "Soft Sculpture" is inspired by the organic shape of sculptures. The shape of each work is created by hand-kneading and sculpting with fingers. Each piece will be unique and different by hand-crafted work.

  • Material: 14K gold-filled thread, vintage Swarovski rhinestones, air-dry Clay, non-toxic resin
  • Size: 3.5" from the top edge of chain/the ear post to the bottom of object, 1.25"~1.5" width for object
  • Weight: 2g-2.5g for the set
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